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Il CENTRO  è convenzionato in Forma Diretta con i seguenti enti:

Per convenzione Diretta si intende che gran parte dell’importo è a carico dell’Ente con una esigua parte a carico del Paziente il tutto con un Tariffario concordato mediamente scontato del 50% del Tariffario dell’Ordine dei Medici







Convenzione in Forma Indiretta

per convenzione Indiretta si intende che l’intero importo è a carico del Paziente  ma viene scontato in base a degli accordi mediamente del 50%

CRAL Questura di Napoli

How to simplify the student's study

How to simplify the student's study

Nowadays undergrads clash with diverse problems while education, although the major one - time. They are subjected to a quantity of baits - new acquaintances, gatherings, or on the contrary, overhours, congestion of household chores. If you relate to such intent young people, we are pleased to render assistance! This site suggests the thematic compositions for undergrads that will become a beneficial help for you when writing papers for homework or individual studying. You are able to apply them as a pattern, or take these pieces of compositions as a base, or gather some information and messages for your future works. Considering the wide interests of our clients, we have selected papers on various topics. It is often fairly worrisome to find the right words, especially when the mind is full of other questions, or if you simply do not have time to explore the needed data. Forget about such troubles!