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Il CENTRO  è convenzionato in Forma Diretta con i seguenti enti:

Per convenzione Diretta si intende che gran parte dell’importo è a carico dell’Ente con una esigua parte a carico del Paziente il tutto con un Tariffario concordato mediamente scontato del 50% del Tariffario dell’Ordine dei Medici







Convenzione in Forma Indiretta

per convenzione Indiretta si intende che l’intero importo è a carico del Paziente  ma viene scontato in base a degli accordi mediamente del 50%

CRAL Questura di Napoli

Add proteins into your ration!

Add proteins into your ration!

The point is that the essential reason of the accumulation of fatty tissue is unlimited intake of carbohydrates. Low carbohydrate dieting limits the portion of such component of your ration and establishes proteins to the major position. influences us in this way: restricting the share of carbohydrate meal and magnifying the portion of protein, we take away from the body of quick replenishment and cause it to switch to apply fatty acids. The minor centralization of carbohydrates in the organism leads to reduction of insulin secretion, which interrupts the deposition of fat in reserve. Another fact proving the efficacy of this diet - the more capacity expenditure for protein absorption. Moreover, albuminous eating well saturate, and its abundance is rarely tranformed into fat (the body is easier to create a margin by virtue of carbohydrates and oily foods). Know beneficial information about dieting on Julia's Diets.